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Modernization of mobile grinding and mixing plants

With our conversion and modernization service, we offer real added value for your mobile grinding and mixing plants. We will be happy to explain the benefits and what exactly we do as part of the measures in a meeting. On the phone, via video conference or in a personal meeting with you or us.

For more than 30 years, we have built up cross-manufacturer expertise in the grinding and mixing business. This has now developed into an important business model for us. For grinding and mixing companies as well as our own mills, we have set up our own workshop with specialist staff, where mills are overhauled and rebuilt to customer requirements countless times a year. The decision-makers at Qualitätstrocknung Nordbayern eG have recognized the advantages of this.

In the meantime, we have already overhauled and modernized three mills for the cooperative. The project, which was completed at the end of 2023, involved the conversion of a well-preserved TROPPER mill to a new, modern carrier vehicle. The most important benefits of converting to a modern carrier vehicle – especially for power take-off machines – are efficiency, safety and sustainability.

Improved performance and efficiency:

Modern carrier vehicles are equipped with more advanced engines and drive systems that offer higher performance and efficiency. This enables the mobile grinding and mixing plant to complete jobs faster and with less fuel consumption.

Increased security:

New carrier vehicles generally have improved safety features, such as advanced braking systems, better lighting and modern assistance systems. This minimizes the risk of accidents and protects both the operator and the environment.

As good as new and economical:

The conversion to a new carrier vehicle leads to a reduction in overall operating costs, as fewer repairs and spare parts are required. This significantly improves the efficiency of the system.

Environmental friendliness:

Modern carrier vehicles are often more environmentally friendly as they meet stricter emission standards and have more efficient engines. This reduces the CO2 footprint and makes the machine more environmentally friendly.


The operators of the mobile grinder are delighted with the state-of-the-art technology and equipment in the cab, as they spend many hours a day working in the truck. In this way, remodeling also ensures the important retention of skilled workers.

In addition to transferring the grinder to the new chassis, we also brought the grinder itself up to date both visually and technically. We think the result is impressive! See for yourself: visit us in Ahaus and take a look at our in-house repair department.

We carry out the following conversion and modernization measures on mobile grinding and mixing plants from all leading manufacturers:

Service for mobile grinding & mixing plants:

In our in-house workshop, we offer repairs and maintenance work for your mobile grinding and mixing plants.

We can carry out the following conversion and modernisation measures on your mobile grinding and mixing plant:

  • Conversion blower from small to large
  • Conversion of grinding box from small to large
  • Move the auxiliary suction point to the mixer
  • Lay the main suction line from below into the mixer
  • Galvanise and coat attachments for longer durability
  • Reinforce frame to prevent breakage
  • Conversion of drive from auxiliary drive to auxiliary motor
  • Attach molasses pump
  • Attach additional feed oil and acid tanks
  • Transferring the grinding and mixing plant (also with auxiliary drive) to a new chassis

If you have any further wishes for a conversion or modernisation, please do not hesitate to contact us.

We supply spare parts for all mobile grinding and mixing plants from Buschhoff, Tropper and Gmelin.

If your grinding and mixing plant breaks down, we will provide you with a replacement plant for hire.

In case of staff shortages, we offer holiday replacement.

To expand our fleet, we are looking for used mobile grinding and mixing plants for conversion and modernisation.