The agramix (web) app in successful use

“We at RLH-Agrar are a partner to agriculture in Markt Erlbach. We deal with the purchase and sale of agricultural products and trade in fertilizers, feed, plant care products and seeds. 🌾

Our machinery includes a mobile grinding and mixing plant. The two drivers of our “grist mill” are on the road every day to grind grain for our farmers in a certified, fast and reliable manner. 🚜

Since the beginning of 2022, we have been using the Agramix app to plan and process grinding and mixing orders more effectively. We get on very well with the Agramix app because it is very easy to use. This is also demonstrated by the app usage of the grist mill drivers. They are equipped with a tablet and can call up all tour, customer and order details, which are constantly updated. 💪📱

In the past, orders were recorded by hand in a notebook, which always made order changes, for example, a very complicated process. With the app, we can literally make changes from anywhere and at any time and transmit them to the drivers, enter new orders or provide information to the mill drivers and/or customers.

It has also been shown that route planning works much better. In the past, we used to drive all over the place, but with Agramix we can now manage tours much better logistically. This has already saved us a lot of travel time and travel costs.

The mixing protocols are currently still created by hand, but we will soon be completely digitalizing this with the Agramix app in order to gain further efficiency and improve the document flow.

Last but not least, we are also very satisfied with the app because the app support is excellent. The Agramix team around the experts at Rottmann in Ahaus is always approachable and very open to suggestions for improvement.

Thanks to the uncomplicated commissioning and the beneficial app functions, the use of the Agramix app has already more than paid off for us.”